Subtle Therapies

healing, balance, connection

supporting your mind, body and soul…

…as you navigate the journey to wellness


a truly integrative approach to health and wellness..

Subtle Therapies

Be listened to and be heard. Be supported.
Be cared about as a unique individual.

Are you lacking energy and focus?

You have things to do and dreams to follow but often feel too tired and foggy to follow through with them…

Is your body complaining of aches and pains?

You have stopped doing things you enjoy because your body wont allow it any longer…

Are you often in a low mood?

You know there are more ways you could enjoy life, but really couldn’t be bothered….

Do you wake up tired?

Even if you do sleep the whole night through, its as if you can never get enough…

Do you find it difficult to get the right kind of support?

You have long term problems and have tried many things, you don’t know what to do next….

Do you get frustrated and irritable?

Its just how it is…

You can find answers through a natural, integrative approach to healing that brings you into balance, so that you can live your possibility.

Core Services

Mind Body Medicine

Emotional stress held in the body is a major factor in disease. MBM is at the leading edge of healthcare today.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Incredibly relaxing and empowering, focussed on solving the future rather than the past…

Integrative Kinesiology

Responding directly to information from the body by muscle montioring to resolve long unresolved blocks in your health…

Chinese Meridian Therapy

Powerful healing frequencies within the body utilised for 1000’s of years, now stabding up to modern science.

Posture & the Nervous System

Posture reflects more than just our emotional attitudes. Illness, physical and mental trauma, and emotional stress all cause poor posture.

Nutritional Biochemistry & Food Therapy

Testing for imbalance of substances within the body and redommendations to diet and nutrition to acheive balance…

Mind. Body. Soul

Subtle Therapies works with the whole person to make a lasting change to health and wellness . Everything is connected.


Hands on therapy for releasing blocks that are held in the body:

Meridian massage



Myofascial release

Neurostructural Integration

Structural and postural manipulation


Being listened to and connecting the emotions with the body:


Stress management




Soothing the nervous system


Biochemistry and nutritional food therapy to support the body and the mind:

Chinese Medicine Organ Theory analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analaysis

DNA epigentics testing

Functional testing

Nutrition and diet

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Choose how you move forward:

  • Get back into balance as you need in a comfortable and relaxing clinic setting.
  • Be supported in a deep integrative program for transitioning from long held issues.
  • Attend events to gain tools for your own ongoing development and gain synergy of input from others.

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