Subtle Therapies

Fiona Dewis an Holistic and Integrative Therapist
Fiona Dewis

Fiona Dewis

Holistic and Integrative Therapist, Workshop and Retreat Leader Mentor and Trainer

Why Subtle Therapies?

Many traditional medicines are grounded in the concepts of balancing energies on all levels to promote healing and even transformation of one’s life.

Modern science is catching up with these concepts more and more, day by day…

Duirng my own journey of health and transformation I have long followed the work of the likes of Deepak Chopra, Dr Richard Gerber, Albert Einstein and the ancients.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Albert Einstein

How can I support you?

When we are centered and in balance, natural healing energy flows in the body releasing blocks and old unresolved hurts so that you can live life more fully.


I am committed to supporting people who have difficult and chronic health and wellness concerns to get out of stuckness and overwhelm. I support and guide my clients to experience the possibility of their own innate healing and true selves. Most people feel calm and at ease around me and I work in a respectful and caring manner.


I work with the whole person on levels of Physcial, Emotional and Biochemical because there is a complex relationship between all the parts. So that there can be lasting change, all the parts need to be considered.


I understand this isn’t easy. I have been through many health journeys myself.

It was through Kinesiology and Energetic Medicine that I have made outstanding recovery from my most recent and most devastating health journey. I was in a lot of pain, I lost control of my life. It was a slow process but I recovered. I worked with my doctors and several allied health and other modalities to recover.


It was through nutrition and mindfulness that I recovered from toxicity. I traversed the path of changing diet and following regimented routines. I have experienced the power of biochemistry, nutrition and food therapy. I am aware too of how it can be difficult to implement. I have recovered from other health journeys by combining natural therapies with western medicine.


There becomes a point where recovering just isn’t enough…


It was though Hypnotherapy I have been able to do so much more than just recover, that I can live my life in the field of all possibility. So that I can be a support and guide for others.


It can be easier for you than it was for me…

I have been on this journey for many years and have experiencd a vast array of amazing healing techniques and methods. I first began to assist others to heal in 2006 with energetic therapies. Since then I have been adding more and more evidence based modalities and techniques. Subtle Therapies is a collection of all that experience, understanding and knowledge.


You can be supported and assisted to connect to your innate healing ability. Even if we don’t work together, if you come to see me and its not a good fit right now, I am still committed to directing you to another practitioner through referral or suggesting some self-help to get you on your way forward.


Many obstacles to regaining health and living a fullfilled life come from just a few main root causes..

Through working with root causes and using an integrative approach I focus on 3 key areas:


  • Chronic pain – old pain can stay around in the body when its no longer needed. If unresolved, it can become a downward spiral to more pain depression and even more health problems. By listening to the messages and truly connecting to, and owning those parts that need attention you can say goodbye to old pain and past hurts.
  • Emotional and Behavioural  – Overthinking, anxiety, depression, irritability and rage can make life difficult everyone concerned. These are the outward signs of other problems and cause difficulty in concentration, relationships and day to day functioning. I work with school children and adults to regain social interaction and to feel calm within themselves.
  • Fatigue & Sleep – feeling tired and heavy, and feeling fogginess in the head can effect self confidence, enthusiasm and satisfaction of life and relationships. Sleeping poorly can contribute to chronic pain and emotional issues, this too can be a downward spiral. I work with sleep as a general rule because healing occurs with quality sleep! Imagine how life will feel being able to sleep well and feel energised throughout the day!


My ‘Signature Program’ is an intensive 6 month container for really difficult to resolve life patterns.


I love to support and guide professional men and women who have a lot to offer the world but feel held back by fatigue, self doubt and the burdens of the past. This program is suited to:


  • those who have stumbled on the road of life and struggle to get back up to pace
  • Those who have become burnt out and exhausted and cannot imagine having the energy and drive to acheive the life they really want going forward
  • Those who have been hit hard in the school-of-hard-knocks, have done a lot to recover but feel a general lack of joy for the future
  • Have continued along  accumulating various past hurts and feel  disconnected from life, from themsleves somehow.