Time to Shine

integrative program for persistent wellness issues

My Signature Program is an intensive 6 month container for really difficult to resolve life patterns.

I love to support and guide professional men and women who have a lot to offer the world but feel held back by fatigue, self doubt and the burdens of the past. This program is suited to:

  • those who have stumbled on the road of life and struggle to get back up to pace
  • Those who have become burnt out and exhausted and cannot imagine having the energy and drive to acheive the life they really want going forward
  • Those who have been hit hard in the school-of-hard-knocks, have done a lot to recover but feel a general lack of joy for the future
  • Have continued along ¬†accumulating various past hurts and feel ¬†disconnected from life, from themsleves somehow.

I warmly invite you to have a FREE 30 minute Breakthrough Session with me

Sometimes it helps to have a conversation, be listened to and to walk away feeling clearer.

A breakthrough Session is a free 30 minute phone conversation.

You will feel clearer about what is in your way from living the life you desire.